What Types of Food Are Good for Digestion?

Struggling with digestive issues can leave us feeling bloated, tired and not at our best. There are many medical treatments that can help with digestive problems if you prefer an immediate solution.  If you prefer a long term solution, then changing your diet could be vital in overcoming this issue. If you are unsure or physically unable to cook your own food, then there are caring agencies out there capable of cooking the right variety of meals. If you think this could benefit you, then you may wish to consider a part time care London agency, such as  https://www.guardiancarers.co.uk/services/part-time-care .Here are some of the best foods to help with digestive problems:

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Dark and Leafy Green Vegetables

Dark green and leafy vegetables such as spinach are excellent sources of minerals and antioxidants that can help improve our digestive system. You can add these quite easily into your diet by incorporating them in your favourite homemade soups or you could even try steaming them.


According to Mind Body Green, cayenne can help to “loosen any mucous build up in the body”. Since the stomach naturally uses stomach acid combined with mucous to help with digestion, cayenne can help to get the “ball rolling”, for lack of a better word. This will result in a smoother digestive process, reducing the feeling of bloating in the stomach at the same time.

Wholegrain Foods

In order to prevent constipation, the NHS advises that you store up on fibre and eat plenty of wholemeal bread, beans, oats, brown rice and lots of fruit and vegetables. The strong fibre content will help improve the inner workings of your bowel whilst preventing constipation at the same time.

Choose the Right Drinks

It is always important to drink plenty of water to help with bowel movement, hydration and to keep your skin healthy. Acidy drinks such as sodas and coffee etc. can actually produce more acid in the stomach which can cause heartburn as a result. On top of this, fizzy drinks will also cause the stomach to bloat. This can feel really uncomfortable and can make you feel rather pudgy.


Certain herbs can really help to improve the digestion process. Many of these act as a natural way to cleanse the stomach and the gut. Fennel seeds, for example, will relieve gas and mucus build-up in the stomach. These two things can often cause problems in the digestive process. You could also try peppermint, which is great for relieving an upset stomach as well as to alleviate bloating.