Why it’s good to sew

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Ever wished you could find an item of clothing that actually fit properly? Have you ever wished you could share ideas with like-minded people? Then, you could benefit from sewing! There are some obvious and some not-so-obvious benefits to making your own garments and here they are:

Being Creative

Instead of going to the shops, when you take the decision to make something instead then you know that you can entirely influence the process and end up with something designed and produced with your own imagination. You open up the opportunity to tap into your inventiveness and creativity in a way you could never experience when shopping. Being creative gets the neural pathways fired up and boosts brain activity and a feeling of satisfaction.


As you progress through your project, you will learn so much about sewing and yourself. The learning process never stops, whether it involves fabrics, methods or new design ideas. Knowing that you can continue to push yourself and create new challenges is both exciting and exhilarating.

Happiness and Activity

Studies have shown that people are only really happy when they are engrossed in an activity which they enjoy and that takes up all their concentration, skill and attention. Not only does this activity make us content but it is also when we are at our most relaxed. For dressmaking fabric, visit http://www.quality-fabrics.co.uk/


Sewing and dressmaking provides grownups with the opportunity to use their imagination, create fantasies in their minds and translate this into the item they are making. Making our own clothing allows us to explore who we are, who we dream of being and how we want to project ourselves to the outside world. Not many adults get the chance to engage in this kind of carefree dreaming and playing.


In the past, it was normal to make things that you and your family needed. People grew their own food, built their own furniture and sewed their own clothing. In this consumerist, throw-away era, being self-sufficient is incredibly satisfying. When we engage in these activities, we feel a link to the past, to the previous generations and feel we are regaining knowledge that used to be passed down but is no longer.

Be Sociable

When sewing was a necessity, it was mostly an activity that people did in isolation.  Although there are sewing groups, it can be awkward to sew socially but now we have the internet – it’s easy to instantly connect with like-minded individuals and chat forums. We can share ideas with people from all over the world and gain unique and interesting perspectives from different traditions and cultures.

Increased confidence

Doing something we love and feel passionately about is bound to make us happier. When we are happy, we are automatically more confident in ourselves. Self-confidence increases when you realise that you are less dependent than you thought and don’t have to rely on fashion trends, badly fitting garments and over pricing in the high street stores. You’ll also become more attuned to your body and the best ways to dress your figure in a flattering manner without relying on store-bought clothes to dictate how you look.