Woodwork Safety Advice

Whether you partake in woodwork for your job or as a fun hobby, there are some basic safety guidelines that everyone must follow. Getting sloppy or rushed can cause accidents and injuries, so if you want to stay safe in your workshop, follow these tips:

Always use safety equipment

It’s important that you always use the proper safety equipment. This means items like ear defenders for working with loud machinery, gloves for sawing and cutting tasks and safety goggles for all jobs. Get used to putting them on when you enter the workshop and do not take them off until you leave.

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To avoid inhaling dust and the health issues that result from that, it is imperative to ensure any ventilation is functioning properly, and ventilation systems are maintained regularly. Ensure good ventilation to avoid respiratory problems. For any jobs involving Spray Booth Filters, be sure to visit a site like Dust Spares for all your Spray Booth Filters needs.

Right clothes

Loose clothing is not recommended. Imagine the consequences of getting it stuck in a cutting head or blade, for example. Your clothing should be comfortable to work in, but also protective. Remember to remove jewellery that may dangle like a chain and a bracelet.

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When switching a blade, always disconnect the power

When changing a blade or bit on power tools, it is essential to disconnect the power before doing so. For reasons that should be clear to all, this could have catastrophic consequences if not done and many carpenters have suffered severe injury because they ignored this important rule.