How Background Music Affects Your Shopping

Have you ever wondered why they play music in shops? Some stores get it just right while others leave customers fleeing. So, why do they do it and how does it affect the way we shop? You might be surprised to learn that most people find the silence of a music-less store oppressive and uncomfortable. It’s not something we ever think about until it’s missing. Here are some reasons why stores play music:

#1 Atmosphere

It’s all about creating the perfect atmosphere. As more and more of us are choosing to shop online, physical stores must concentrate on their customer experience to make them stand out from the competition. For this reason, most shops believe that they would harm their sales figures if they stopped playing music in the background. The type of music effects what atmosphere is created so if you want to make a certain mood in-store, you’ll need to choose your music carefully. Do you want an upbeat, vibrant feel or a laid-back, calming vibe?

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#2 Set the Pace

Did you know that the speed and volume of the music played in-store has an effect on how quickly customers move around the store? Playing low-volume, slow paced tunes encourages shoppers to spend more time browsing whilst loud, fast-paced songs make people move much quicker in and out of the store. You might think that moving faster would mean people not stopping to buy anything but interestingly, the speed and volume does not change the sales figures. For a tailored in store music package which can vary depending on time of day, visit

#3 Affect What Consumers Buy

Research has shown time and again that if nice music is playing, shoppers will spend more on impulse purchases. When questioned, these shoppers claimed they weren’t even aware of hearing the music which proves that music has a strong subconscious effect. Classical music makes people buy more expensive items, maybe because it leads the customer into subconsciously thinking about class, taste and luxury items. If you want to have a push on produce from a specific country then simply playing background music in that country’s style will lead people to choose those products.

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#4 Brand Awareness

The choice of music that you play can help to develop brand identity and awareness. If you want to project a company image of sophistication then go with classical. Perhaps your brand is edgy, hip, forward-thinking so you might choose rock music or modern chart songs. You can clearly display your personality through the volume, style and tempo of the in-store music you play.

#5 Personal Space

Shoppers use music to cocoon themselves into a personal shopping space that they don’t even realise they are doing. Music masks light conversation and helps to prevent distraction. It also puts you at ease so you can browse without your every movement or word being overheard. It provides a sense of privacy, giving us time to make important decisions without pressure. Shops that play music are generally seen as more modern, more comfortable and more likely to see repeat business.