One glorious year. Swindon Town’s Premier league adventure.

On a warm spring day, the 31st May 1993, Swindon Town Football club achieved a long cherished dream. They beat Leicester City 4-3 in a playoff game to gain promotion to the First Division/Premier league. They had gained promotion before in the late eighties but due to financial tax irregularities they were demoted back down. Under the guidance of talented Player manager Glenn Hoddle, who scored on the day, they were ready to enter the big time.

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Ask any of the many Accountants Swindon based, like for example, and they will tell you the same thing. Their chances of survival in the top flight were not good. For a start the County Grounds capacity was woeful compared to the larger clubs. To make matters worse Hoddle left to manager Spurs taking talismanic Captain Colin Calderwood with him before the season began.

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In those days the Premier League was 22 teams and the new captain Ross Maclaren summed it up on Football Focus when he said that 19th place would be a great achievement. Pundit Alan Hansen commented that every match would be like an FA Cup game for them.

Unsurprisingly the team were unable to stay up finishing with a then record low of 22 points and a still unbeaten 100 goals conceded. After they were demoted they soon fell down the leagues. However, they are the only team in all the football league to have played (and beaten at least once) every other team in the whole 4 Divisions.