Would you stop using your phone at the hotel to get a discount? In this New York accommodation it is possible

Normally we are looking forward to the hotel to enjoy the Wi-Fi connection and use social networks or communicate with family and friends to show them how the trip is going or even share hotel photos … This implies that we do not disconnect from this type of activity , preventing a digital “break” for which many charge … and some pay.

The James Hotel Nomad located in New York offers its customers discounts and free activities if they leave the mobile phone . Would you like to forget your smartphone during your stay in exchange for a “digital detoxification” program?

Of course, it is to think about it, but let’s see what are the advantages of entering the “Digital Detox” campaign. According to the website of the hotel , guests who during their stay refrain from using the telephone, computer or tablet will receive a discount of 10% of the price of the room per day .

In addition, these clients will be provided with printed press every morning, and it also offers them the opportunity to participate in meditation sessions for free for a more complete relaxation.

Of course, the picaresque is difficult, since you have to leave the phone in question and other devices in a safe to accept the program at reception. The portable safe has a combination and timer programmed by the hotel reception team. There are not many more details of this plan, but surely you have already been able to choose your option.

I imagine that they will make the pertinent verifications to see that we actually leave our mobile. And will it strain if we go as a couple and one of the two says they do not have a cell phone? At least that’s how we have a connection … Do they let us take out our cell phone when we go to visit the city? If not, goodbye photographs on the phone.

The simple fact that you ask me these questions indicates to what extent I need the phone and I do not think it’s worth the discount. Also, the prices I’ve seen of this accommodation, a luxury boutique hotel , would make me lean towards other cheaper options.

But come on, another matter is that my plan of visit was to enjoy a hotel “wellness”, spend that money and really disconnect, but that would not have to cross the ocean and go to a city like New York, with everything to see behind the walls of any accommodation.

In short, there are hotels that even need your mobile phone to open the door of your room , but at The James Hotel Nomad in New York they have opted for disconnection and encourage guests to forget about the mobile phone and win tranquility … and also something in saving. Would you sign up?