Is your business online?

No, I do not mean if your business uses WhatsApp, on the subject you can find information in this article: WhatsApp for use with customers, what gives us and what takes us about SMS?

I allude to these web pages taken from another era, and not talk about its design, each can choose the logo, color and layout as appropriate content created for himself and his clients. It is the latter victims owners obsolete web pages.

Begins a new course, as it is time to renew some aspects of our page if it we have also included an area for a virtual store, for example.

Is your business onlineUsability is the queen of pages and virtual stores. Every time we find spaces in simpler Internet and do not require much time for the user to report or purchase a product.

Will there be time to change ours? Do you think who is on the other side and the benefit that this is going to generate?

important elements that go hand in hand usability

  • The content and offers a web page should be arranged clearly and legibly
  • In a few seconds the user must answer the question: What is this site?
  • On the home page explanations should appear (all necessary) to facilitate the task
  • The home page is our calling card, as the window of a physical store
  • A good slogan, along with a logo clarify the message or purpose of the page
  • Avoid documents as PDF’S to illustrate the products we offer are too many steps and the user does not have time

The visual appearance should match the format, logo, buttons and other graphic elements of the web

  • To bet on a visual consistency, fonts, colors and sizes, they should always be the same.

Some organizations have a manual own style. Which will ensure uniform use of terms and grammatical style.


Let us this question: Is it easy to use the website of the company? The answer will come from the hand of the dwell therein, or low conversion rate.

There are usability tests that identify where the problems lie and why users are not satisfied. As these weaknesses are recognizable we can optimize and ensure greater customer satisfaction. And thereby increase sales.