What are the hardest things to move?

When you’re moving house, it’s common to feel somewhat stressed and anxious. There is a lot to organise and often a tight deadline to work to. However, moving small things is easy but what do you do when you have large items to shift?


Not many homes are lucky or spacious enough to have a piano but for all those musicians out there, the prospect of moving a piano is highly daunting. This is one musical instrument that cannot be moved by one person. Something this valuable and heavy should always be moved by a professional remover. For more information on a Removal Company Essex, visit a site like Relocate Removals, a leading Removal Company Essex.

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King or Super King Bed

Often beds are delivered to a property and assembled in the room they are to reside. Therefore, it makes sense to disassemble such a large piece of furniture in order to remove it from the property. Again, this is definitely not a one person job and is best left to professionals who understand the best way to lift and carry heavy objects.


These can be surprisingly heavy, especially ones containing mechanisms for reclining seats. A large 3 seater or corner sofa will most likely need to be separated into parts if there’s any hope of getting it out the door!

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Large Art

Anything made from granite or marble will be difficult to move, as well as large canvases and other sizeable works of art that require sensitive handling.