What is pneumatic conveying

Pneumatic conveying systems are a way in which bulky items can be moved through a manufacturing plant with relative ease through a series of pipes. These are enclosed conveying systems that are designed for powders and other dry materials.

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These materials are moved through the series of pipes with pressured air or gas, much in the way that other pneumatics work. As well as being a quick and easy way to move items, pneumatic conveying is also cost-effective and safer than other alternatives. It can help to prevent employees become unwell from breathing in chemicals or airborne powders as they are moved and it also helps to prevent the items in the pipes from becoming contaminated from items in the outside environment.

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This type of conveying is popular in the food and drinks industry as well as construction materials such as sand and also in chemical products. One of the reasons these systems are so popular is that they can be built to cover large areas and move items from one area of a manufacturing plant to another. The pipes can be assembled both horizontally and vertically which means they take up less space than you might originally think.

As well as allowing you to move items across long distances it is also possible to have a number of different loading and collection points. This can help to speed up the processes inside your manufacturing business.