Will the Global Pandemic Kill the Traditional Office?

In this world of pandemic restrictions, will working from home become part of the new normal? There are so many people that work in the traditional office and there are so many people that rely on these businesses for their survival. The traditional office is going to have to adapt to the changing world, and they will have to make sure that all the workers in the company know about the pandemic threat and they know how to take precautions if they are to survive in the future. Will the traditional office still be around in twenty years from now?

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Well, that is something that will be determined by the people in the company and how they react to the current pandemic or any that might occur in the future. Will they adapt quickly, or will workers be reluctant to return to the office and prefer the flexibility of working from home? Whilst home working suits some, many find it a difficult juggling act of childcare, distractions and inadequate working space.

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Will the traditional office survive or, in fact, become something completely new? Companies will need to adapt, that’s for sure, but whether at home or back in the office, a comfortable workstation is a must for all workers.