Couples Therapy: Solve marital problems

All couples live periods of crisis, bad times and setbacks, how to elapse these processes may or may not regain the love, and at this point is where you can help couples therapy. Do not let a little bump could ruin your relationship.

Couples therapy is therapeutic processes led by a psychologist, by the process which will help couples of any type condition solve problems in their relationship in an effort to improve it. By couple’s therapy, they take appropriate measures to rebuild the relationship or the completion of this action.

It is not advisable to ignore the problems hoping they improve themselves. By these methods, all the couples who come to therapy, 4 out of 5 couples get to find out if their differences are really impossible to solve or whether, instead, can be rectified. Of these 4 people, more than half decided to continue with the relationship, thus improving the happiness and fulfillment that had been lost or had never caused (in rare cases).

The plan of therapy  varies with the situation: if either of the couples refuses to attend sessions of couples therapy, this one can go on your own, being statistically more complicated repair a relationship if only one of the two She wants to attend the sessions with the psychologist.

Couples Therapy

Exercises and tips

In recent years, there has been a marked increase in couples who come to ask for support to improve their relationship. In this respect, the most influential factors are a lack of communication, lack of desire and confidence. Moreover, most of these couples later exposed to the great improvement obtained after undergoing therapy.

What are the goals of going to couples therapy?

The main goal of cognitive behavioral therapy to recover an almost lost relationship, however, there are other objectives of such therapies as it is, having a little conflict break indeed produce the least possible damage to both parties and people who surround them, whether it is to break the relationship or to recover it. Furthermore, classified as the most important goal is to teach the people involved to be able to solve and resolve conflicts future for them, without outside assistance.

Given the other hand a couple consists of two parts, it is essential to find a solution on both, thus using resources that fit the kind of reason that causes marital problems. From this point of view it is worth mentioning the importance of being happy, but not without obstacles, but knowing the fix, confronting and adapting to them.

In view of the described problems, couples therapy is just an easy remedy to acquire and with very good results gradually increases among the population because of the way society erase the stigma that produced professional consultation for troubleshooting and resolve problems in the structure of partner. The goals will be established by the pair under the guidance of the therapist.

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During the course of the sessions or the previous reading, couples find different options on how to take the relationship with the main goal to make it viable and more satisfactory. That said, could list some goals to go to couples therapy could be, among others:

Improve communication, solidifying the relationship, understanding optimize handling differences and solving problems. Among these, one of the most frequents usually the overcoming infidelity. Overcoming infidelity is one of the main reasons why couples are raised go to the psychologist specialized in clinical psychology and start therapeutic methods.

They are usually very common also the difficulties between the couple and the children in a divorce, for example. Another issue that we see when dealing with the conflict in the family with or without children is part of the experience of sex as an element of satisfaction in our lives.

Defuse tension between the two partners and learn encouraging the individual progress of the two members since the conflict analysis can be a good opportunity to change both personally and as a couple.

These procedures based on clinical psychology are valid for solving possible sexual difficulties, couples therapy can also serve as pre-marriage preparation if you want to improve the understanding and relationship before marriage.

What exercises for couple’s therapy can be done?

Behind the arguments and misunderstandings, there are always small unresolved issues that are to be found. To do this, we try to promote dialogue, leaving aside the monolog, thus learning to speak and listen, really empathize, understand and respect.

In couples therapy, achievable exercises there are different types depending on the type of approach: individually or together, in intimate partner or partner in the query, these and so free online I list some of the most important and which have seen the best results.

It sounds difficult and logical at a time, but try to create new memories and new experiences can be the best exercise. For example, take the air out together, read a book together or make dinner together would make it easier to create good memories and new sensations.

Away from the world and every day, of the mobile phone and spend an intimate time to talk each of your feelings. The day to day routine sometimes deprives us of these important moments in a relationship. In cases where children, is even less intimate space that is available in these cases, other relatives (siblings, grandparents, etc.) can be our extra help.

Having a personal hobby can promote communication, adding things that speak in the moments we discussed before.

Treatments can not only be made in person to a professional, often do not go to ask for help because of embarrassment or lack of time. Here are some examples of exercises that encourage communication, one of the main reasons for crises and slumps in relationships are exposed.

The first step is to find and assign a time today talk as mentioned, preferably at night, in which tell everything that happened during the day, problems and joys, fun times and all the anecdotes and talk about feelings, if you have been sad, happy, tired or cranky.

Also, the technology not only serves to break the structure of couples but to unite them more, so that you can leave text messages or voice, yes, without hovering. From this point of view, it is important to show the feelings of love and affection to the person we want to be next.

For example, you can try to make a list of virtues or things that you like the other person, accompanying this list of a final dedication, which can be a very good gift at any time of day. Another idea may be to leave a positive message every morning with breakfast or getting out of bed, resulting in a feeling of happiness for the whole day. This we could summarize in a sentence like: “exchange of positive behaviors.”

Another aspect to consider is the need for independence, grant moments of solitude, which does not mean stop sharing rides, meals or relaxing moments. Finally, it is advisable to show loving gestures during group outings without making a circus of it. These gestures are gratifying and comforting. And above all, speak and communicate in all things that bother us, even if they seem silly, also learning to respect what annoys our / a partner / a.

In couple’s therapy, the most important exercise is beneficially not believed that the couple will be there no matter what happens. They have to continue to earn their love and affection every day to promote the fullness of the relationship.

What is needed to start it successfully?

Before start and go to couples therapy, both members of the couple who want to attend should be sure they want to continue the relationship. They should not give up or finish anything. In addition, they are consistent that each is responsible for the situation and are open to changes in their attitudes and involved with the treatment process. The fact of an existing infidelity, being one of the two interested in an alternative relationship with another individual, difficult (not to say impossible) the couple’s therapy.

Generally, we can say that enhances the effectiveness of the process that both parties enumerate some positive aspects of the relationship, regardless of the problems that exist.

Conclusion and starting point

In most relationships are moments of disagreement, unhappiness or routine that can put an end to compromise, even in the case of members of couples, divorce and a possible problem with the children (if any). It is for this reason that with courage and without prejudice, should seek couples therapy to help recover what was once so important to both.

Thus, although the daily is normal, however, there are days when you forget the routine and surprise, interested in the problems surrounding the spouse, understand, restore confidence and communication.

Thus, if you cannot fix it on your own, you can consult on Internet pages for this type of therapies, such as ours, where we can support you with some tips. Above all, let yourselves help find and recover those feelings of love and passion that shaped your partner, relearn how to be happy together.

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