Protecting your Property so you can Enjoy your Retirement Holiday

When we retire it is a chance to let our hair down and enjoy doing and planning some of the things that we have always wanted to do but haven’t been able to due to work commitments. Retirement is a time of big changes to accommodate your new lifestyle, and that could be anything, from buying a new car to buying a new home like these parkhomelife park homes for sale in Gloucestershire.

One of the most popular things that people look forward to when they retire is the fact that they can plan a dream holiday. Whether you want to jet off to far flung locations, or spend some time touring the British Isles, this is a great time to finally spend as much time on holiday as you want!

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However, if you are planning a long holiday (or even a shorter one) something that you should be aware of is the fact that thieves often strike when you are away on holiday – before you go off, make sure that you have done all you can to protect your home from intruders and theft…

Make sure that your Home Looks Occupied – One of the first things that a burglar will look for are signs of an empty home. A lawn that hasn’t been cut, lights never on, and the post not picked up are a few things that will give clues to burglars. Having a family member, friend or neighbour come and move things around at your home and generally make it look lived in so that it can’t be a target.

Check your insurance – Before you go away, review your house insurance policy. Is it the correct cover for what you need? Are there things in there that could void the policy? It is a good idea to check this thoroughly before you go, so you can make any amendments if necessary.

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Lock Valuables Away – Items that are precious and valuable such as money, documents, jewellery and sentimental items should be locked away within the house. Use a safe for an extra bit of safety in your home and keep your precious items locked away, so that if anyone does get in, they won’t be able to access the safe. As well as inside the house, things that are kept outside but are valuable such as tools and gardening equipment should also be locked away in a shed or a garage.