Essential Additions to Your Men’s Winter Wardrobe

Going for an evening out in the winter months is a little different to going out in the summer! Gone are the warm and carefree months of wandering out of the front door in a shirt and some shorts, safe in the knowledge that you will be comfortable for the night!

In the winter months, you need to update your wardrobe to combine comfortable and fashionable going out clothes with warmth and the ability to make sure you don’t catch a chill or a cold! Doing this whilst looking good can be difficult, but here are a few of the essential items that you will need if you want to make sure that your winter wardrobe is trendy as well as being suitable for the season!

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Jeans – A good pair of jeans are the perfect addition to your wardrobe – they will see you through the winter and if you pick the right pair they can be good for casual wear as well as a night out. Skinny jeans are still on tend, as are the tapered jeans which are similar in look to a skinny pair but with a bit of extra tailoring – perfect for chunkier legs.

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Long Sleeved Shirt – A must have for the winter, a long-sleeved shirt will keep you warmer on a night on the town, as well as looking smart. Have a look at these from Farah menswear. Whether you are out for a romantic meal, or on a pub crawl with mates, this is always a good addition to your wardrobe.