Huawei Watch, a sleek design, and Android Wear not just be round

Huawei carries 2015 immersed in a process of growing as a manufacturer and throughout the year were proposed to improve the design. The Huawei Watch and Mate S are the best proof of this. In the case of the clock, its brightness is lower because while Android Wear is a commodity for manufacturers, it is also a constraint that limits its ability to highlight and they bet all the design to end up being the model that we choose for our wrist.

Technical Specifications: Nothing new but well selected

Clocks connected to Android Wear cannot boast of variety in the hardware. Most of them share processor (Snapdragon 400 that has given very good results) and in the end, it all boils down to small but important details such as the technology used in the panel, autonomy, thickness or if the casings are interchangeable or not.

Specifications include three differential elements. Screen: Huawei choose to use AMOLED technology with almost more detractors than fans and that watches such good results in terms of autonomy, as discussed below. The screen is 42 millimeters and has a superior Moto 360 resolution: 400 x 400 instead of 360 x 330 pixels.

The battery can lead to rapid and imprecise reading: 300 mAh are 100 unless thanks to the AMOLED screen technology and software optimization the Moto 360 but get a very good time. As always, the figure will vary but in these weeks I’ve been using as clock am more than satisfied.

Huawei Watch

The negative note puts the removal of the light sensor. Huawei chooses to discard an element that is fundamental to manage well the brightness of a clock. Yes, we have the option to configure it manually but it is not ideal far the most practical.

In the other sensors, we all expected: accelerometers, gyroscope, barometer and heart rate monitor. To take advantage of the latter need an application because Huawei introduces no apps on the clock beyond a series of watch faces. By the way, it does not have NFC so if you were planning on paying with clock and Android Pay in the future, it will not be possible.

Huawei makes a good selection of components for your watch and wraps it in a very elegant and well thought out design. The problem for the Chinese manufacturer is that the spec sheet does not offer anything we have not already seen. The screen is good, true, but the rest is the same. Android Wear is a technological corset.

Huawei has Android Wear sleeker, point

At Mobile World Congress, Huawei surprised everyone with his watch and delays made us fear the worst: that was not up to what we saw in Barcelona. Breathe calm, finally it did not happen. Huawei Watch is strong in design and shows us that its product line top model is distinguished by its materials and finishes.

Huawei must recognize that in the photos and well-hidden shame the main clock renderings: is a rather large device. Not much more than a Gear S2 or Moto 360but enough that, if we compare the three together, give the feeling of having a large body, something that probably will not worry those who have a large wrist but otherwise can be a problem.

Huawei bet on a circular design full – screen and a slightly raised frame that eliminates the effect criticized flat wheel having the Moto 360. This is a matter of taste; some people prefer everything to be at the same height (body and glass). In my opinion, Huawei Watch will win the game with that sunken touch and a more robust framework that together give more sense clock “lifetime”.

The physical button is at the height of the two very successful position although at first glance may disconcert by symmetry breaking. In doll is a place that works very well and where you click on it is comfortable. The mechanical part is sturdy and has enough travel. It seems designed to last several years.

The glass protects the screen is sapphire and is one of the elements that Huawei wants to justify the price of your watch. One of the hardest minerals in the world than in the real world translates into a formidable resistance to scratches and dings. You can go with him quiet on the wrist.

At the back, we find the charging pins (not project nor noticeable to the touch on the wrist) and heart rate monitor. Simple, practical and where Huawei has done well to unify all at the same height so that it is not uncomfortable when we take the watch design.

Wear the Huawei Watch makes us forget for a moment that the body is slightly larger. It falls nicely on the wrist and a hundred and thirty-something grams barely noticeable in the arm. Comfortable, it fits well and at no time is annoying, jogging and exercise are also good but if you are regular athletes, maybe you care more other models.

The straps are interchangeable and can put any model of 18 mm. The official comes with a small metal tab that allows us to put on and remove the two pieces at a time. The mechanism is simple and robust but the feeling that gives the pieces is very small.

Huawei demonstrates very good work with his watch. Given that it is the first generation and that its name is not a great watchmaker Tag Heuer as the debut of the Chinese in this category is excellent. You may have some extra thickness but considering the hardware and battery, is something that is not noticeable when we several days with him.

Amoled: Excellent design panel and doubtful

Deciding to use an AMOLED screen is always risky but when a good panel is chosen, the results are good. In this case does not disappoint and Huawei succeeds fully. The extra resolution thanks for reading text, pity that Android Wear is choking work with images of large size, detract much the quality of this section.

The tactile feedback is excellent and we have not found any significant delay in everyday actions. Returning to the panel technology in both bright ambient light provides sufficient brightness at the highest levels . Remember that no light sensor so if you ever need an extra have to modify it manually from the settings menu.

The viewing angle is very wide and the color temperature is well calibrated, a detour is not apparent to the green or red when we have a little shine. The contrast when AMOLED is infinite but considering that we will not see the video on your screen is not something that should worry us too much.

If we decide to use a black watch face interface (e.g. this) we can get more out of the AMOLED scratch and thus more autonomy. Another advantage over the IPS LCD is to use the active screen mode without consuming much battery. They may seem little tricks that do not substantially increase the autonomy but the truth is that yes, we can feel it in our daily lives.

The front sapphire crystal gives us the peace of mind that will not scratch or scratch at the first opportunity. While we have not made any deliberate attempt to break it, we noticed the screen has remained untainted with typical friction change clothes, clashes with other people on the street, etc. Now, a chamois occasionally to remove the fingerprints is essential for our Huawei Watch looks pristine.

Performance and autonomy: Battery above average

The problem that all Android Wear with the same processor that is found in performance between some models and others ends up being even. Huawei Watch does not stand out in performance and does just as well as the other models with the operating system of Google.

The animations are fluid, the sensor response is correct; I just noticed little jerks when to access the settings menu. A lag that can cause us to press once more to believe that it will load faster than it really does. It’s a bit annoying.

When third – party applications open it behaves smoothly and its 4GB of memory are sufficient to manage these apps and get some music for when you do not want to go with the mobile above. Google Now voice assistant works perfectly and although it is still a little weird talking to the clock to answer messages on WhatsApp or add reminders, we must recognize that it is useful.

As we have seen in the technical specifications section, the 300 mAh battery was somewhat lower than other models. Do not be fooled by the figure, autonomy is above average. Chances are that it is a good exercise between AMOLED and optimization software adjusted to not mess.

Autonomy always depends on the use we make of it. If you squeeze the maximum (black watch face and equipment off at night) I have achieved three days of using the clock being on average 16 hours 24. Giving the same type of use to other Android Wear, for me, this experience translates into win one more day of use without charging.

With a more colorful and the screen always on watch face, I can get two if I turn it off at night, if not do I have to find a charger at noon to hold the rest. Still not that wet dream but a week without charge three days without sacrificing features is excellent by today’s standards.

Software: Android Wear and a few watch faces

Android Wear is today, a major limitation for watchmakers. They do not have to make a large investment (not everyone can afford to manufacture a Gear S2 or an Apple Watch) but that facility has a high price: the time to personalize the experience we have very few options.

Here Huawei has not wanted to take the few bluffs Google offers and has the same experience we would in any other watch. No additional applications and the Moto 360 second generation, only a few watch faces matching the elegant design of the clock itself.

It is noteworthy that with the amount of apps introduced into their phones, Huawei has not decided to enter to create an application for the clock. They already have experience with Talkband quantification B2 and application health. His motives will not have done but certainly this is the most discreet section.

Huawei manages Watch dawns on other Android Wear watches. From everything I’ve tried this year, it has been without a doubt which I liked. Now we continue with the same old problem with this category: pleasing, but not convinced. Are they useful? Is it a recommended purchase?

Huawei manages to raise the bar for little more connected clocks showing that we can have an attractive model. However, they are still so limited and unhelpful facing the general public that their investment is difficult to justify from a rational perspective. As impulse buying no doubt, if you really want one, the Huawei Watch is a great option.

We’ll see if 2016 is used for Android Wear is opened and the third generation watches can offer more variety and possibilities. If not, the trick may end up getting the tired design and making manufacturers like Samsung lose interest in the platform and decide to look for other ways beyond Google.