What you shouldn’t wear to bed

Mens designer shirts, which can be found at EJ Menswear, and pyjamas can be a comfortable item of clothing to wear to bed. However, there are some things which are not recommended to wear while sleeping.


Although a lot of people enjoy wearing their underwear to bed, it is actually bad for health and overall sleep quality. Tight underwear especially can be a breeding ground for bacteria for both men and women. Women are especially susceptible to irritation and inflammation while wearing tight clothing at night. Pyjama fabric should allow the skin to breathe otherwise problems could occur, such as yeast infections.

If it is difficult to let go of wearing underwear at night, then both men and women should try breathable and loose- fitting fabrics, such as cotton shorts. Materials such as nylon should be avoided.


Tight clothing is one of the worse things to wear while sleeping as it can be very dangerous for health. For example, wearing skinny jeans while sleeping can pinch the nerves and cause pain and numbness. Wearing tight clothes during the day and then when you sleep can prevent products from flowing properly through the body and may also cause problems for the immune system.

The solution to this is to wear loose clothing that can help with movement and comfort.


Bras are also not recommended. They can dig into the skin and cause skin infections and the tight restrictions may also make it harder to breathe.

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