Hottest 2020 kitchen trends

Feel like refreshing your kitchen? You are probably researching the hottest 2020 kitchen design trends for the most modern look. Excitingly, there are tons of new designers and brands breaking through, there are tons of innovative ideas to get inspired by.

So, if your kitchen is now in need of renovation, or you just want to refresh a tired scheme, take some inspiration from the latest kitchen designs.

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  1. Anti-Kitchen

When is the kitchen not a kitchen? When it is cleverly hidden to blur the functional and puts the focus squarely on the form. This trend for a kitchen that does not look like a kitchen has grown increasingly popular and features a palette of materials and finishes more usually associated with living room furniture. Luxury wood and stone score highly, plus the use of integrated equipment wherever possible.

  1. Patterned flooring

Drawing inspiration from traditional tile patterns, current trends include strong recurring geometric patterns and bold colour choices. Find out more about what’s available for Kitchens Swindon at a site like MP Tiles, a leader in Kitchens Swindon.

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  1. Wood is good

While an all-out timber treatment may be difficult to get right without stepping perilously close to old-fashioned, a popular trend is to shoot through parts with a warm wood decor. Real wood, being a natural material will make the room feel comfortable and soothing. There is no substitute for real wood, and it gives richness and personality that will ensure your new kitchen stands out.

  1. The Industrial vibe

With textures and tones inspired by industrial metal and smooth, polished concrete, brassy colours and rusty copper shades are a popular choice.