How to make homemade air fresheners

Although in the market there are several options to perfume our homes, you can also resort to lifelong tricks that make your house smell in a special way.

Some herbs, well selected and placed in strategic points, will get our house to emanate a unique and personal smell that will characterize us.

During the summer months, having several basil plants distributed throughout the house will make us enjoy a pleasant arom. In addition, we will be able to repel insects like flies and mosquitoes.

Having a bouquet of natural flowers at home will also provide a good smell. Once we see that the flowers are withering, we can proceed to their drying. When they are dry, we will introduce the petals in a bottle in which we will add a perfumed oil and a fixative product to produce an amazing and intoxicating aroma.

A field trip can serve as a perfect excuse to gather branches and leaves, which well placed emanate a fantastic smell . Collect leaves of eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, cedar, pine, juniper … although it seems that they are contradictory smells, together they are an explosive mixture.

Wash these leaves carefully to remove dust and bugs that may have. Once dry, it is convenient to put them in a ceramic dish. You can also use a nice wicker basket that you have lined with a special cloth. Try to arrange the leaves in a funny way and let them act little by little.

You can also make aromatic candles. Although it is easier to buy them, doing them does not require much work and, simply adding aromatic oils in the process, you will get a candle made by yourself and with the smell you exactly want. If you decide to make one of these air fresheners, be sure to take note of the sheets you mix. So, if it turns out to be a smell that you love, you will have no problem repeating it over and over again.