Ideas to decorate with metal objects

The metal in the decoration becomes a trend in some moments but I think it looks cool in any situation. That’s why today I want to show you some ideas to decorate with metal objects. Discover how to introduce them in the rooms of your house and how to combine them with other materials. You dare? Then stay tuned to everything we are going to tell you.

Metallic decoration in the bathroom

We begin this review with some ideas and proposals in the bathroom. This place is one in which this type of decoration is best, since many of the essential elements in it can and are usually metallic: the tap, the accessories or even the washbasin itself.

Therefore, here you can choose to add metal accessories such as soap holders or racks, for example, or include this material in larger objects such as the sink, faucets, furniture, shelves or even a copper bathtub. You have the option of playing with the tone of the metal to give it your personal touch: on the floor, in gold, in copper, darker or lighter …

Metallic objects in the living room

In the room we can also include a wide variety of metal objects.

For example, you can place a metal shelf where you can store your books or other decorative objects. If you like metal to be the main character, complete the decoration with a metal table and chairs, for example, or add wooden chairs to create beautiful contrasts. Metal and wood always combine well.

Metal lamps

The metal lamps are very decorative. You have the option to choose copper as a decorative material; They are very cool, for example, in a Nordic style environment and also, of course, in industrial type decoration.

If we talk about ceiling lamps, you can choose those that have a geometric design placed on a light bulb that is visible or other classic forges or with other types of finishes. For floor lamps or smaller for a bedside table or side table, the metal will also be a wonderful material in the lamps type flexo or cinema style.

Metal auxiliary tables

If the basket-type lamps with the visible bulb are my favorites, so are the auxiliary metal tablesthat have this similar geometric design with a structure that can create an extra storage space and a surface that can be made of wood, of marble or also of metal so that you can leave on them what you need.

Also, beautiful also the one that simply have metal legs and a wooden base. You can even make it yourself as we saw in this craft.

I like how they are in the living room to design a nice corner and they are also cool for the bedroom, for example. Ideal for Nordic styles because if you opt for the combination of metal and wood the result can be as decorative.

Decorative metal accessories

We finish this review with some decorative ideas in metal with the smallest objects and accessories that you can place in any room of your home. These are  details that, as often happens, can make a difference: a hanger, a photo frame, a copper sculpture, a vase ….

You just have to find that ideal accessory to introduce into the chosen environment. You have already seen that metal combines very well with wood and that it is appropriate for Scandinavian, industrial or vintage styles . So you have a lot of options to choose from.