Patio Design Ideas

You can expand your patio space if you’re lucky and have the room for it. You can easily make the space bigger by adding another section beyond the segmented walkway. You can also make it greener by planting vines and hanging baskets. The possibilities are endless! Here are some ideas for a simple patio design.

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First, consider the layout of the patio. Consider the views it offers and where you can position a table and chairs. If you have uneven ground, install stepping stones to avoid slipping. If you have loose chips or gravel, you can cover it with an outdoor rug to create a more elegant look. Then, use complementary cushions to create a cohesive design scheme. A garden statue can be a great accent to complete the outdoor space. It can help if you place a firepit off the patio as it can provide functionality during chilly evenings. You can also create separate zones of interest.

If you’re working with limited square footage, consider creating an alfresco dining space. Although outdoor dining requires open space, a patio can offer the perfect place to relax and socialise. An awning or a homemade canopy can provide a stylish cover from the sun or the rain! Or, you could make use of a garden accessory, such as a hammock. A hammock works well in both small and large spaces and is a relaxing spot to lie in the shade.

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You can also consider adding terraces to your patio for different purposes. You can use the uppermost terrace for dining and cooking, while the lower terrace can be used for plants or a relaxation zone. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you’ll find a design that suits you.

For example, you could incorporate a high-transparent patio cover that lets in the most sunlight while keeping the patio area warm in the summer evenings. The shade structure is attached to a track and moved by a detachable rod. Alternatively, you could choose a simple wooden slat shade structure that doesn’t compete with the views.

If you’re looking for a furniture material that’s easy to clean and maintain, consider using synthetic wicker. This material is more resistant to the harsh sunlight. You can also use artificial wicker for a more durable patio set.