Roofing materials and when to use them

There are many choices available for roofing materials. From traditional roof tiles to modern, eco-friendly options, here we take a look at what the options are and where they work best.

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Interlocking roof tiles

These are the cheapest way of covering a pitched roof and are popular with developers. Usually made from concrete, interlocking tiles are large and require very little overlapping, making them quick to lay and a practical solution for simple roof shapes.


These are the forerunner to interlocking tiles and work with traditional and modern roof designs.

Plain tiles

For a more traditional-looking roof, the much smaller plain tile is a popular choice. They can vary in price and appearance. At the top end, handmade plain tiles, each with their own look, can add a stunning dimension to any roof.

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What material is best for tiles?

Any of the above-mentioned tiles can be manufactured out of clay or concrete. Clay weathers well compared with a concrete tile; the latter, although cheaper, could begin to look washed out within a few years.

Slate roof tiles

Slate tiles are a good mid-range price option. There are now a number of alternatives to natural slate, often concrete- or resin-moulded to look like the real thing.

Stone roofing

In some areas, it may be a requirement that only locally-sourced materials, such as stone, are used; however, where the rules are more relaxed, it is possible to buy reconstituted stone tiles that resemble the appearance of original stone at a much lower cost.

If you are thinking of re-roofing your home or commercial property, or simply need repairs, it is always best to speak to a professional roofer about your options. Skilled Cheltenham roofers such as will be able to offer advice on what will work best for your property.

Planning permission is often not required if you want to re-roof your house; however, if you want to make more substantial changes, the Planning Portal website is a very useful source of information and advice. You can even create an account and submit building control applications.

Of course, there are many other roofing materials available, such as thatched, metal and even turfed options. Choosing the right roof for your building can greatly enhance its overall appearance.