Seven Benefits of Oak Framed Garages

Are you thinking of building a single storey garage? If so, an oak garage could be just what you’re looking for, to make your dream garage a reality. With several benefits to this multi-functional material, an oak frame could be just what you need to get that natural look that complements any property.

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The Benefits

Firstly, understanding how important kerb-side appeal is, it’s vital that your garage frame looks good with any style of property. The beauty of oak garages is that there are a variety of frames to suit any taste, whilst still looking stunning and natural.

Another benefit to oak garages is that they are eco-friendly. We all know how important it is to look after our planet and oak is a very environmentally friendly material.

Thirdly, oak is known to be easily maintainable. This is due to the natural properties in the wood reacting in harmony with the environment. Oak can change colour over time as a result, but this is not a sign of the frame losing its durability. There are products you can use to treat oak if you want it to hold onto its original colour.

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Not only saving you time and money in maintenance, oak garages are easy to construct and can take days as opposed to weeks. The construction is a very dry process as opposed to bricks and mortar, so if you’re under a strict time scale then oak could be perfect for you.

A further benefit is the insulation wooden materials offer. As a result of this, an oak garage requires less energy to heat and cool, saving those precious pennies on your energy bills.

Oak frame garages are multi-functional in use. They can be spacious and house your vehicles, they can provide extra storage, or even provide space to convert into whatever you fancy! The structure will keep everything dry whilst remaining strong and durable.

Lastly, think about the value it could bring to your property with all that car parking space. It’s been suggested that a garage could add up to 11% onto your property value!


We hope this article has given you some food for thought when planning the construction of your garage and what material is right for you. Oak is a durable, natural, adaptable and eco-friendly material that could bring your dream garage to life.