What to Look for When Looking Around a House

When buying a home there is so much to think about and so much to budget for aside from the house – from finding a solicitor to finding someone to do the survey such as this building survey Chelmsford based company. But before any of this you need to find yourself your dream home!

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When you have seen a property that is for sale you firstly need to book an appointment with the estate agent to arrange to view the property. When you are viewing it there are a few things to look for – don’t worry if you don’t notice or you forget as you can always arrange a second viewing of the property if you like.

Which way does the house face – This makes a huge difference if you enjoy a light and bright home. As well as this if you are a keen gardener it is definitely worth checking the way that the garden faces. You can download a compass app on your phone if you want to check, as if it is a dull or overcast day it will be hard to tell just by looking at the rooms of the house.

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Look Beyond the Aesthetics – There are many clever tricks that people use to sell their houses – this could be well placed mirrors, furniture that is smaller than average and fresh paint so don’t be afraid to take a tape measure and measure the rooms for yourself to ensure they are what you want.