Ways to remember lost pets

We are a nation of animal lovers and whether you prefer cats to dogs, one thing that all pet owners can agree on is how much love they both give and receive from their animal. It is for this reason and their constant companionship that it is incredibly difficult when we lose a pet. There are some ways though that you can create some beautiful memorials to the animals that are no longer in our lives.

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A portrait drawn by an artist will really capture your old friend’s essence. A talented artist will create a fitting homage to your pet that you will cherish, working from a photograph.


Many sculptors can create a Bronze Animal Sculpture to recall departed pets. One option is Gill Parker. You can then place this in your garden or home depending on where you would rather have your beloved pet.

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Another way to make sure they stay in your mind is to post a favourite picture of your pet. Throughout their lives, a series of photographs of your pet is a good way to remind yourself of the happier times you spent together.

A nice way to honour the memory of your pet is by planting a tree. Some parks have small parcels that can be bought in memory of pets, or for a lovely remembrance of your mate, you can find an ideal spot in your own backyard.

Animal welfare organisations are still in need of donations, and it might be possible to have a plaque displayed as a fitting memorial in your pet’s honour in exchange.