20 time-consuming household chores

The average Brit spends 2,175 days of their lives doing household jobs, according to a recent study. That’s close on six years spent washing, cooking, cleaning and myriad other chores.

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According to The Telegraph, some jobs only need doing once a year.

But here are the top 20 chores we spend most time on, in ascending order:

Patio cleaning

We spend 28 days of our lives cleaning this addition to our houses.

Cleaning the driveway

Seventeen minutes a week (29 days a lifetime) are spent cleaning the drive. Handing this job to a driveway cleaning service, such as http://lwpressurewashing.com/, suddenly sounds like a great idea!


Even in these throwaway days, we still spend on average 22 minutes a week (38 days a lifetime) sewing and mending.

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Cleaning the car

That Sunday afternoon washing the car adds up to a massive 42 days per lifetime.


We may not do it every week, but the average person spends 45 days of their lives decorating the house.

Washing windows

Why not invest in a window cleaner? That’ll save you an average of 55 days of your life.

Wardrobe sorting

Organising your clothes takes around 55 days of your life.

Tidying cupboards

Clutter costs – tidying your cupboards takes up a massive 68 days in your lifetime.


The average person spends 44 minutes a week (76 days altogether) moving dust around.

Changing bedding

Making beds and changing household towels together take up 81 days of our lives.

Tidying bedrooms

Keeping bedrooms tidy enough to find the bed takes us 50 minutes a week (87 days a lifetime).


Most people spend just over an hour a week ironing clothes: a cumulative 106 days.


We spend 116 days cleaning floors.

Bathroom cleaning

Keeping the bathroom clean takes 68 minutes every week (118 days).


Dogs enjoy an average of 72 minutes of walkies a week, or 123 days a lifetime.


Eighty-six minutes a week, or 149 days a lifetime, are spent weeding and mowing.


Washing dishes takes us 98 minutes a week (170 days).


We spend 100 minutes food shopping every week.


Clothes washing takes up a massive 177 days in a lifetime, despite the convenience of washing machines.


And the winner is… cooking, which takes up 253 minutes a week, or 439 days of our lives.