4 Reasons Why Your Social Intranet Have Not Taken Off As Predicted

Intranet as employed by certain organizations and companies helps in managing digital workplaces but works within a company only or as directed by its system design. It has been derived from the idea of internet but with certain privacy standards that can be personalized within each organization.

Intranet may work in many ways and may contain the following features:

1. Manage Documents

2. Integrate with Existing Corporate Environments

3. Manage Workflow

4. Serves as Corporate Directory

5. Social Hub

But then certain organizations fail to comprehend the idea of intranets and how to derive its benefits in upscale level.

I and my colleague once have been subjected to an intranet introduction seminar for our company. After hearing the brief talk (though I already had a prior knowledge of it I still attended), my friend lamented about the why everything seems like a waste of time.

And truth be told, that intranet with its embedded social scenes do took off but not as successfully as it was intended by the bosses. I left the company before that glitch has been fixed. And last I heard, the long social intranet feature has been overhauled and I hope it has been well used by my ex co workers.

Anyway, these glitches are common among companies who aren’t that well versed in the implementation of socials. There will always be problems if that step hasn’t been keenly reviewed, studied and drilled in the company culture.

Reasons Why Social Intranet Did Not Work For You

1. Management isn’t involved. It was hatched out by the board and by the It personnel, the key people, etc. But then it came out as that. No involvement came in from upper management level and even the middle management level. It should be the first obstacle to tackle. Get them involved not only in planning but in the implementing as well. That and the activity they should involve in.

2. No exigency in implementation. A couple of people may be informed, but the rest hasn’t yet come up to the idea why the social intranet is needed and why it should be utilized. Communication should be the key here. Communication and drilling to them the reasons why that social intranet is vital to the company and not just a decorative accessory.

3. Motivation wasn’t present. No real empowerment happened between the implementer and the employees/ users. It should be motivating the users to use it and achieve its goal which is to aid the organization.

4. Digital Environment isn’t prompting. This should be addressed by the design of the socials you have. The interface plus it’s easy to sue approach.

The above lists are just the basic. There are more social intranet obstacles that a company or organization needs to hurdle. Your goal as an organization is to make it work, give users some time to adjust. In due time, if problems are addressed rightly, your social intranet will give you back a return of your investment.

Remember this: implement, tweak, motivate and get involved.