5 Great Beaches for Shelling in the U.S.

The summer is here, which means that it’s time to partake in some fun-in-the-sun activities. One of the best places to spend a hot summer day is on the beach. Not only is the weather cooler near the beach, but you can also dip in the water when the sun starts to get too hot. However, the beach can also be fun for another reason: collecting shells. Indeed, there are some gorgeous shelling beaches¬†in the Unites States that offer a unique opportunity to collect conches, swirled frames, coquinas and more. Whether you collect shells for the joy of simply accumulating them, or if you are an artist looking to add a few more materials to your creations, collecting shells can be a fun past time for everyone – young and old. Here are five great beaches for shelling in the U.S.

  1. Sanibel Island. Florida is one of the most gorgeous states. Thanks to its unique shape and position, the Florida panhandle juts off perfectly to capture tropical weather and some of the best sea currents. On Sanibel Island – just off Florida’s Gulf Coast – the currents bring in all sorts of shelled creatures. And during your shelling expedition in Florida, you can sign up for a tour withCatch Me if You Can Fishing Charters, which will give you a chance to get out on the water and catch some live fish.
  2. Stinson Beach. Located in the town of Stinson – in Northern California – this beach is beautiful and breathtaking. You have miles of white sand seashores and a great seaside community. When it comes to the shelling, you can find all sorts of treasures on the coastline. Mainly, though, you will be taking home a lot of sand dollars, which are in abundance on this beach. If you are an avid sand dollar collector, this is definitely your destination.
  3. Shipwreck Beach. Located on the pristine and beautiful shores of Lanai – one of the Hawaiian Islands – Shipwreck Beach is a magical location and the perfect place to collect shells. One of the best parts about this beach is the fact that it is virtually untouched and the water is warm, so you can spend large portions of your time just exploring the immediate coast for treasures. Not only will you find some ancient pre-historical shells, but you may also find some unique sea glass as well.
  4. Calvert Cliffs. Located in Lusby, Maryland, the beaches along the Calvert Cliffs have a number of shells that bounce off the currents, and then off Chesapeake Bay, and all the way to this enclave, where they become trapped in the sand. Here you will find a lot of beachcomber shells, which are small little shells that come in a multitude of shapes, sizes, colors, swirls and translucidity – perfect for a craft necklace or bracelet.
  5. Puget Sound. Located off the coast of Seattle – and part of British Columbia in Canada – the beaches of Puget Sound have some incredibly one-of-a-kind shells. This coast hides a combination of newer and pre-historical shells that range in different sizes. If you want to go on a true shelling adventure, the Puget Sound is your destination. Just make sure, though, that you visit during the summertime, because all other times of the year can be cold and rainy.