5 key benefits of Scrum

As many professionals are already aware, Scrum can offer many benefits to their team and the wider company; however, do they know exactly what advantages can be taken away from the Scrum framework? Here are five reasons to incorporate Scrum into project management within your business.

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1. It improves quality

No one has ever set out to complete a project without a vision of what needs to be achieved for it to succeed. Scrum is the backbone of a professional goal and ensures that quality is maintained at various intervals throughout the process. It does this by focusing on the requirements, incorporating regular testing and analysis, working with feedback from staff and other stakeholders, and encouraging continuous improvement.

2. It saves time

Scrum is a very effective way of delivering products or services to the market ahead of time; in fact, those operating using the Scrum methodology often see a 40 per cent increase in speed on traditional methods. This is thanks to faster initiation, the setting of priorities, and improved functionality. The period of time over which a team is planning to deliver is known as a sprint.

3. It provides more return on investment

Being a much faster approach, Scrum projects often wind up offering a higher return on investment due to the financial benefits coming in much quicker, thus leading to a higher return in total. In addition to financial returns, it brings with it fewer defects, less failure, and regular feedback from stakeholders.

4. It increases team morale

There is nothing better than a happy team with members who work well together. The Scrum framework enables teams to self-organise and self-manage, make important decisions, work across departments, support one another, have regular face-to-face catch ups, and all have a say in how to get the job done. Scrum teams are guided by a Scrum master, who brings all this together but has no control over the group of employees. Scrum master training in Dublin is available from providers such as https://www.althris.com/.

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5. It makes customers happier

Scrum teams are completely focused on producing satisfactory products and outcomes for stakeholders; therefore, customers can benefit from advanced collaboration, expert product owners, good functionality, a faster production line and incrementally-funded projects, which means less risk and commitment up-front.