5 More Reasons That Your Garage Door Isn’t Working

Disconnect Switch Has Been Enabled

If the motor sound runs for the duration of time it would take to open or close the door, but the door stays where it is, it is very likely that the disconnect switch has been turned on. All garage door openers have a disconnect switch in case of a loss of power. You can then open or close the garage door manually until power is re-established.

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Limit Settings Are Incorrect

This happens most commonly in new garage doors and older doors that need resetting. If the garage door closes but then reopens, it may be that the settings are set too high, meaning the door hits the ground before the settings think it should and open again as it thinks something is in its path. The garage door motor will have knobs that can be adjusted, and by following the manufacturer’s manual you should be able to adjust it correctly. If not, for garage door repairs London offers a wide range of professional services. If replacing a door, ensure it meets safety guidelines.

Door Manually Locked

If the motor runs for just a few seconds and the door doesn’t open before it cuts out, the garage door may have been manually locked. Check the door lock and see if it is engaged. Older models, in particular, come with manual locks.

Broken Springs

If your door suddenly ceases to go up and you’re sure it’s not the transmitters or power to the motor that is the problem, the most likely problem is that the torsion springs have broken. You will hear a loud bang if you are at home when these snap, as it is the heavy-duty springs that lift the heavy garage door. If this happens, contact a specialist company such as http://garagedoorsrus.co.uk/ for expert advice and, if required, a new garage door.

Broken Tension Cables or Springs

The tension cables and springs help to slowly lower your garage door safely. If these cables or springs break, your garage door may close really fast, often with a loud band as it hits the ground. This is potentially very dangerous and could crush anything or anyone below it. Have a garage door professional come out and repair your springs or cables as soon as possible.