7 Ways to Encourage Your Kids Outdoors

This generation of parents face challenges which their parents never did. How do you get your kids off their phones, laptops and games consoles before they turn into total couch potatoes? Here are some suggestions.

1. Play with Them

Younger children in particular are more likely to run around if you join in the fun. Hide and seek, tag, British bulldog – they’re all still popular because they’re all still fun! In the summer, get the water pistols out or buy some water bombs and have a battle.

2 Gardening

Give them a patch of their own and take them shopping for seeds. Flowers or food – there’s a huge choice. Lots of garden centres sell child-sized garden tools too.

3. Hiking

A hike is much more adventurous than a walk, even if it is just round your local park. It’s easy to make it more exciting, though – find somewhere new to go, in the town or the countryside. If you’re going on a long-distance walk, you’ll need proper boots and all the other kit, but for shorter walks trainers will probably be enough. Kids love packing a backpack with whatever they need, whether that’s waterproofs or sun cream, and, of course, snacks and drinks to keep your young explorers’ strength up.

4. Wildlife

Little ones can find all the nature they need in your back garden, if you don’t mind them getting a bit grubby. Give them a trowel to dig for bugs and a jar to put them in (make sure to let them go soon, of course). Or get them involved with making a bird feeder or an insect habitat.

5. Climbing frames

Good children’s climbing frames are some of the best bits of equipment you can get for your garden. There are lots of options for all sizes of garden and lots of variety for different ages; some are adaptable as your children get older. Make sure you choose one with a good warranty. Check out http://www.niclimbingframes.com/climbing-frames for lots of ideas.

6. Cycling

Get them out and about on a bike. Bikeability offers the modern equivalent of the old cycling proficiency test – find a course near you at https://bikeability.org.uk.

7. Sports and Activity Clubs

There are so many possibilities, from football to karate to circus skills, so go online to find local clubs.

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