A visit to Turkey will always surprise you.

One of the most wonderful and exotic places to visit in Europe is Turkey. The only Muslim country in the continent it has a rich and varied history stretching back to the birth of the Eastern Roman Empire and the rise of Kemul Ataturk creating the modern Turkey that we know today.  There are beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes and cities and towns dripping in a culture its unlikely that you’ve ever encountered before. One of the best ways to see this country is to spend a leisurely time here as possible and Kas Villas can provide that base. Why not take a look at this website http://kas4villarentals.com/ to get an idea then I’ll tell you some fascinating facts about this amazing country?

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First of all, the shopping mall was basically invented in it Turkey and the Bazaar as it is called is still going strong.   One of the biggest is located In Istanbul and it was set up in 1455. This was after the Turks took what was then the city of Constantinople, and then changed the name to Istanbul. Its said to be impossible to see it all as it has over 3,000 shops and takes up 61 streets. Be aware though its generally one of the most visited attractions in the country. If you’re hungry then why not settle down for lunch. One of the tastiest pudding options is actually chicken. Boiled chicken is added to milk, sugar and spices to create a dessert you’ll certainly remember. Don’t worry apparently it’s a bit like blancmange.

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Once you finished eating chicken for a pudding and getting thoroughly lost, and then found, in the Bazaar you could pop along to one of the many culture sites in Turkey. Turkey has thirteen world heritage sites, authorised by UNESCO. They are very varied in their type. There are the standard ancient sites that you would expect to find along with a Biblical one but there are also ones devoted to the scars of the modern world with the beach at Gallipoli also designated. These sites also show the gifts that Turkey has given to the world. It’s where the basis for modern agriculture started and it is also responsible for the introduction of the tulip to the Europe, not the Netherlands (there’s a surprise!). In fact, they discover a new type of flower and plant in Turkey with incredible regularity.

Finally, did we say that Turkey was a Muslim country? Whilst that’s certainly true it also has some of the most important sites in Christendom, these being left over from the days of the Eastern Rome Empire.  There is the first stable Christian site for prayer made by the apostle Paul and then there is the Hagia Sofia Cathedral, now respectfully used as a museum by the Turks. So much to do already!