A Wedding they’ll never forget

Are you looking to make your wedding day an event that people will be talking about for years to come? Stand out from the crowd with these unusual ideas for your big day.

Create a VIP area

Why not give your guests a special lounge area? Somewhere to chill out between dances with plenty of couches or huge pillows. Close the area off with curtains for an exclusive feel and have them served drinks. You can be sure they will remember being treated like royalty!


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Thoughtful favours

If you have guests staying away from home for your celebrations, think ahead and include a personal touch in your wedding favours such as scented soap, foot soaks (for tired dancing feet) or luxurious bubble baths. A few home comforts will be much appreciated for those in hotels.

Handmade cards

For a truly personal experience, treat your guests too beautiful, personalised handmade place cards, thank you cards or handmade wedding invitations available at https://www.looneylizardcreations.co.uk/. This will guarantee to make your guests feel truly special and give them a keepsake to cherish for many years to come.

Hire a babysitter

Have a room set aside so worn out little ones have a place to relax. Parents will have peace of mind and the freedom to party! A portable DVD player, toys, a sofa and some snacks will help create a special ‘den’ for your younger guests.

A twist on the guest book

Get creative with your guest book. Have guests sign their names and messages on their photos on a collage, engrave keepsakes for you to cherish or create a friends and family tree showing how everyone is connected.


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Jazz up the entrance

First impressions are crucial so think about the entrance to your reception as this is an often overlooked area. It doesn’t have to cost the earth, maybe a table with family pics, engagement photos, parents’ wedding albums and family heirlooms. Make it personal and your day will truly be unique.

A surprise dance

OK we’ve seen it done on TV but why not choreograph your own dance routine to really liven things up? Bride and Bridesmaids or Groom and Best Man or why not go large and include everyone?¬† This could really be away to turn your day into the stuff of legends!


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There are so many ways to make a run of the mill wedding into a day your friends and family will never forget. The only limit is your imagination!