All developers should try these things in their career

The definition of a web developer is not strictly defined and regulated like doctor or gas fitter. The qualification is a passionate desire to design, code and communicate.

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Everyone who uses the internet should create a website at least once. That first time your words appear on screen is magic for many people and is what inspires them to keep going, becoming creators of our digital worlds instead of just consumers.

A little HTML is all you need

Coding is exciting enough for some people. For others, it’s what you can do with it. Detailing original ideas on paper makes it more likely you’ll carry them through. No matter how experienced or inexperienced you are, talk to other developers. Meet up in person if possible – you’ll come away with amazing new ideas.

Encourage others to start creating web pages too. You are doing your bit to keep the Net a free and living community instead of one dominated by big companies.

Realizing you can use the Net to research everything you don’t know is the moment you realise there is nothing you can’t do. You don’t have to remember everything – even the experts still check out once in awhile – they just don’t admit it.

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YouTube and other online forums provide free conferences and demonstrations accessible to people of all skill levels and speciality interests.

Scripting languages

Ruby and Javascript are the first programming languages to add to your skills. Both are straightforward and allow you to do countless things. There are few better ways of improving your own skills than trying to improve the skills of others. There are numerous online question and answer pages where you can contribute.

Create a site with a database

Databased content really opens up what a website can do, (it will probably be MySQL). Building a site with WordPress could be a painless introduction to using it.

Check out projects created by professional companies. Redsnapper provides web development services in London and you can see some of their work here

As you become more experienced continue to nurture your social engagement by writing for technical blogs. The process of writing and the feedback will keep the subject alive and stimulating to you.

Build a web application focused on mobile devices. It’s a whole new world of possibilities.