Are You Getting to Grips with Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Whether you’re a bit of a computer whizz-kid or a complete technophobe, you simply can’t afford to take chances with your digital marketing campaign. And if you don’t have a digital marketing campaign, then it’s time to pull your head out of the sand and get started on one.


Are You Getting to Grips with Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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The Joy of Digital

It can be a major headache knowing where to start in planning your strategy, particularly if you are more used to the pre-digital advertising route of print media, but nowadays the new technology gives you a very clear advantage. You can find out exactly what your visitors are viewing on your site, analyse the data and ensure that you do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

And there’s no denying that the potential digital audience is bigger than anything that even the biggest print-media giant could possibly compete with. According to a report in Adweek, over two and a half billion people now use the internet. Obviously, you can’t draw them all to your website, but with the right approach you can certainly attract more of the visitors that matter.

Unless you are extremely skilled in analysing the data and assessing the correct approach for targeting customers, you’re almost certainly going to need a little professional assistance. Skilled professionals, who understand the way that search engines work, can significantly improve your visitor numbers. And not just any old visitors either – in order to thrive, your business needs to draw in the potential customers who will actually stay on your site and make a purchase.

Most website marketing companies can offer a complete web package these days, so when you hire the services of an Brand Innovation Agency like or general marketing agency you can also take advantage of other things offered – an overhaul of your existing website design or your current PPC campaign, for example.

Even Politics Has Gone Digital

There’s almost no aspect of our lives which hasn’t been able to take advantage of the digital revolution. Even the recent British election campaign was fought to a great extent through social media channels, according to Econsultancy.

Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook have millions of users, and the right comments made at the right time can sweep across the internet, wielding a huge amount of influence. As the Econsultancy article points out, over 50% of the UK population is represented on Facebook, which allowed the victorious Conservative Party to reach people of all ages right across the country.

It seems that the Conservatives got to grips with their digital marketing strategy to such an extent that they were able to sway the undecided voters extremely successfully, making this the first UK election to be fought – and won – on the digital playing field.

It’s not enough to assemble a few keywords and hope for the best. A good strategy needs to be decisive, well thought out and immaculately executed, taking account of real-time results and adapting accordingly. Done correctly, it can reap major dividends.