Being the Best Bridesmaid

Being asked to be chief bridesmaid or maid of honour is indeed a huge honour and you should feel pleased as punch that the bride wants you as her wing woman! It can also feel like a bit of a daunting task and you might not know where to start if you’ve been given certain responsibilities. Don’t panic though as here are some great tips for becoming the most awesome right hand woman any bride has ever known.

Firstly, to avoid having a panicky and stressed out bride turn up at your front door at all hours, plan some days that you will spend together for the sole purpose of planning wedding things and general sorting out of anything that needs doing. Drawing up an agreed timetable of when things need doing by will also help you both to stay on track and not let things get on top of you.

If you’re not already familiar with Pinterest, then you might want to take a look. It is packed with thousands of ideas and photos and will show the bride just how keen you are to invest time in her big day. Remember, you can also use it to influence the bride about what sort of dress you might want to wear.

Don’t forget the groom and what he wants too as you might well become the chief go between and diplomat between the two if neither can compromise or choose what they want. You’ll need to be the negotiator and the one to encourage compromise if decisions get tricky. If the groom is a big sports fan then maybe you can incorporate that into the wedding without the bride having to wear a sports kit on her big day! For Venue Hire in Taunton, visit

You might need to get tough with the bride if she starts to play loose with the ever dwindling budget. Your role is also crucial when it comes to haggling the best deals for flowers and dresses as the bride is sure to get caught up in the romance and glamour of it all, so make sure she is not getting ripped off. This is where you need to take up the part of bad cop and take no prisoners.

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The hen do will undoubtedly fall to you to organise and you’ll need to be quite tough on this too. Pick a date and a location fairly early on and stick to it because people will try to suggest alternatives and different dates to suit them but this is about the bride, so what she wants goes. If they can’t or don’t want to make the effort, then you can party without them. It is good advice to consult the bride on things like theme and level of vulgarity as you don’t want her to feel self-conscious when she should be having fun. You know her best but don’t just stick to tradition for tradition’s sake. If you know she’ll never forgive you for hiring a stripper – then don’t do it!