Best Language Learning Method

About Pimsleur Approach

Pimsleur Approach is an audio based learning method, which is developed by Paul Pimsleur whose main motive is to stress the active participation over memorization. It has 30 lessons where learners are having the best choice to repeat the word along with phrases which are provided by the native speakers.  They will also construct new phrases so that learners will learn easily. As the new lessons along with phrases are introduced during learning stage, listener will have to recall the previous one so that will be the revision part for them.

Main features about this method

 This method mainly focuses on speaking along with reading part. It will not concentrate in writing as there is no need of paper work. Listener will only have to listen and understand nicely. Each session is of 30 minutes which are repeated again and again until a score of 80% is reached by the learner side in the field of comprehension. In these lessons speakers speak in their native language which is later converted into their language so that they can easily understand that. During some interval of time, they are instructed to repeat the phrases after listening to the speaker. After that, if there is any progress seen in the students, the time of the interval increases. Only person will have to spend half an hour from their daily routine.

 What is the Methodology used in the Pimsleur Approach?

 The Methodology used in Pimsleur Approach is that the principle of anticipation which involves challenge and response technique in which student is prompted to translate the given phase into their target language. This way is more active in nature as it will help the student to think before responding. This principle is best as it will help the learner to recall the phrase quickly. The second stage is Graduated interval recall where this is the best method to review the learned vocabulary at long interval of time.

If the student is taught Spanish and there is some word, so that word should be repeated again and again  in order to test the learner  capacity weather that word is clearly understood to him or not. The main aim of this method is to help the learner to learn basics in vocabulary for memory in long term. Core vocabulary is the third approach where this method put focus on teaching the words so that their core vocabulary is build in the fine manner and they will easily learn the language. It comprises of 30 lessons. This approach will not going to teach the grammar part.

The last approach used in this method is Organic learning which involves auditory part.  In this people will going to learn the language through hearing the speech not doing the written part of that. It includes studying common grammar along with vocabulary and pronunciation part. According to Pimsleur people will more respond to learning by hearing which helps them to enjoin the proper accent.

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