Ensure you pick the right boiler for your home

If you haven’t replaced your boiler recently, you may not be aware of the advances in heat technology. New condensing boiler and heat control systems are not only energy saving but much easier to use.

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Choosing the right replacement boiler

The combi boiler has become the most popular boiler choice in the UK. Compact and easy to install, they deliver both hot water and central heating without the need for a storage tank. However, whilst ideal for a smaller property, a larger home will function more efficiently with a system boiler that allows more than one hot water tap to be run at once.

Make sure you don’t oversize the boiler as this is wasteful but look out for a boiler that functions with at least 90 percent efficiency. Paired with the right heating controls, you can develop an energy saving system that’s right for your home.

Combi boiler vs system boiler

Most older properties have a regular boiler with a storage tank, and this system is ideal if you want to run a power shower with pump. However, these systems are complicated and can be more difficult to maintain, so if you’re looking for boiler installation in Gloucester with a company such as http://www.hprservicesltd.com/gloucester-boilers/boiler-installation-gloucester/ you can discuss your requirements with one of their experts.

If you’re a small family with one bathroom, you’ll find a combi boiler ideal for your heating and hot water needs. And because the hot water is delivered at mains pressure, you can enjoy a ‘power shower’ without the need for a shower pump. However, because a combi boiler is a priority system, it can only deal with one type of heating need at a time, meaning that larger properties will struggle to fulfil all their heating and hot water needs. You’ll also need to check the diameter of the pipe entering the property – if it’s less than 22mm then it’s unsuitable for a combi boiler.

For a larger property, a system boiler with separate storage tank is ideal to meet hot water demand, and because their major components are built in, they’re much quicker and cheaper to install, though prone to pressure issues.

Whichever boiler you choose, seek professional and expert help to make the right choice.