Don’t End Up Paying For Someone Else’s Mistakes

You shouldn’t have to be afraid of accidental injury in public places.  It is the business owner’s responsibility to ensure your safety on their premises.  But accidents do happen.  Employees sometimes forget to put down wet floor signs after mopping and maintenance workers sometimes forget to cover exposed wires.  It is not your fault if this kind of negligence causes you to slip and fall or for your child to get electrocuted.  You should immediately seek advice from accident compensation lawyers if you are a victim of a public place accident.

You are there by invitation
Businesses invite you onto their property through advertising and simply by opening their doors to you.  If they invite you in, it is only common sense that they should ensure their premises poses no threat to your safety.

Paying for services is a contract
If you are paying for services, the stakes are even higher.  By paying to use a facility, like a swimming pool, it is the company’s obligation to take even greater care that no harm is done by using their service.  You are likely owed compensation if the pool uses harmful chemicals that cause severe burns.

Children are provided the highest protection
Courts will likely favour children in any case of accidental injury in public places.  This is also true in cases of trespassing.  Even when closed, a business should take great care that they don’t leave large holes open without warning signs or sharp objects unattended.  Children are not capable of using the same judgment as an adult, and the courts recognise this.

Compensation can be paid for:

1. Any pain and suffering – If you’re on a cruise ship and crew members neglect to fix a leak on the deck, you may slip and fall.  Not only will you possibly sustain bodily injury, but the great vacation you have invested in will be ruined.

2. Loss of wages – Maybe you don’t completely heal by the time you return from your cruise, and you’re unable to work for a week.  You have just lost a week’s worth of wages because of the ship’s negligence.

3. Medical expenses – Imagine your injuries are very serious.  Not only will you have immediate medical expenses, but you may have to undergo future surgeries to continue to correct the injury.

4. Home care – You may also have to hire in-home assistance while you are recovering and these bills can add up quickly.  But that’s just the beginning.  Maybe you’ll have to physically modify your home as well, putting up railings or installing a specialized shower.

These situations are serious and accident compensation lawyers should be contacted immediately — especially because some cases can be time sensitive.