Don’t Sweat – Here are Ways to Ease into University Life

If you are feeling anxious about moving away to University, then you are certainly not the only one; it is common to feel the anxiety of missing your family, friends, and your home. University comes with a lot of pressures of fitting in, completing assignments, attending classes, and trying to keep in touch with your friends at home. It is said that 1 in 5 people suffer from anxiety, depression, or another form of mental health issue at university, and has certainly risen in the past decade.

Keep Talking

If you are anxious about how you will feel once you go to university, it is wise to just simply tell someone; this could be a parent, friend, or just someone you trust. Write down everything that worries you, and then discuss solutions. If you have any friends that are also going to university, then why not get together to discuss your worries.

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Visit the Destination

Once you know for sure what University you want to attend, it is wise to visit the campus, and of course, the city in which you are staying. Open days are a great way to become familiar with the location, but making extra trips to visit the area will help you to settle in more and gain some familiarity. If you still need to find somewhere to live, then why not take a look at Student Accommodation Cheltenham way? They provide clean and comfortable accommodation for new students.

 Start Preparing 

Write a checklist of everything you need, it is best to be organised, so there is no stress when it comes to moving day. Do some research on the university, and the new area you will be living in to familiarise yourself with the location. Also, try and learn important skills such as budgeting, or if you are not used to housework and cooking, get your parents to give you some tips.

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Moving Day 

Moving day can be a bit daunting and overwhelming; seeing new faces, and new areas that aren’t familiar can make you feel homesick. It is tempting to get involved with student nights, and activities, but this can make you feel more overwhelmed; explain to your new flatmates that you do want to socialise with them, but you just need a bit of time to settle in first. If you don’t need to start classes for a few days, why not spend some time getting to know the area and the campus? Spend some time reading a book, or doing something that relaxes you. Socialising with your flatmates is also a great way to settle into university life; chat to them, and really get to know them – they could be your new best friends after all.