Eight ways to make moving home a positive experience for your children

Moving house is stressful for everyone involved, but children may not fully understand the process, making it a much scarier prospect. What can you do to make the move go as smoothly as possible for your child? Let’s take a look at eight ways in which you can help make the process a positive one.

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Talk to them

One of the worst things you can do as a parent is avoid talking to your child about the move. They may seem fine with it, but children show their fear in different ways to adults. Look out for different ways they could be expressing their worries so you can talk them through it.

Involve them

The best way to let them know what is happening is by letting them get involved. By making them feel like part of the move, they will feel less anxious about it.

Be aware of your behaviour

It’s easy to tell a child not to be worried, but if they see you getting stressed about the move, they will pick up on it. Make the move go as smoothly as possible and consider removal companies in Bristol such as http://www.imoveremovals.co.uk/ to take a load off your list of things to do.

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Moving home is a huge change, so try to keep simple things as familiar as possible to avoid overwhelming them. Keep their bedding the same, and keep favourite teddies nearby to give them a sense of home comforts.

Family visits

Having family visit will make the new home feel safer to your child. Even if they live too far away, try to arrange a video chat to ease their worries.

Stay in touch

One of the hardest parts about moving for a child is losing their friends. Make sure they stay in contact. Arrange playdates if you still live nearby or swap email addresses so they can stay in touch.

Help them make new friends

Making new friends is daunting, but you can help by researching the area to find local clubs or arranging playdates for them.

Make it fun

Packing isn’t particularly fun for you, but some children enjoy it. Let them decorate a box and pack their favourite toys, which can be unpacked as soon as you arrive in your new home.