Exercise can be fun

Do you love a game of bowling? Then, you’re not alone as it is one of the largest participation sports. It’s pretty old too and dates back approximately 4000 years from the times of the Romans and Greeks. But did you know that it’s actually really good for you too? Here are just some of the health benefits from getting involved in bowling:

  • Weight Loss – bowling speeds up your metabolism and anything that does this can help you slim down. Although you might think bowling doesn’t take a huge amount of movement, it’s the constant movement involved that helps to burn the fat. You’re exercising your legs and your body as you lift and swing the ball. During a three round game, you can walk about ¾ of a mile! Putting some effort into your game can burn off between 170 and 300 calories per game. So if losing weight is part of your New Year’s resolution, then get yourself down to your nearest alley.
  • Muscle Toning – bowling is great for toning and strengthening muscles of the lower body. You are walking with a weight in your hands and swinging your arm to throw the bowling ball means stretching and flexing. This provides exercise for the tendons, muscles, ligaments and joints in your arms.
  • Reduce disease risk – leading a sedentary life is a major cause of heart disease so exercise like bowling can lower your risk of stroke, diabetes and heart attack. It can also increase bone density, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and improve circulation. Bowling once or twice a week will give you the best benefits.
  • Any age can play – bowling is one of few sports where age means nothing. From children to senior citizens, it is low risk of injury sport and many alleys can accommodate wheelchair users and blind people. It really is an inclusive sport.
  • Social Life – being active and socializing is also beneficial to health. Many people get together to socialize and bowl with leagues and teams. This can be a lifeline to older people or those who are lonely, reducing stress and depression. Physical activity, like bowling, helps us to relax and relieve daily stress and doing this with friends is even better. For Bowling Balls, visit http://www.petesproshop.co.uk/acatalog/bowling-balls.htm.

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  • Co-ordination – bowling requires a great amount of hand-eye co-ordination from the throwing action to hitting the pins. This activity stimulates mental alertness, tactical strategy thinking and concentration. This means bowling is the ideal game for youngsters to sharpen their motor skills and for older people to refine their tactics.
  • Easy to learn – there are ways to easily adjust the game which appeals to young people and adults alike. It is not overly complicated and can be played for fun, socially, competitively, for exercise and just for relaxation. The automatic scoring makes it easier to follow so that players can concentrate on enjoying themselves and spending time with family and firends.