Express yourself

If you feel that you have a creativity that is bursting to get out then why not unleash your inner artist and express how you feel onto a canvas? Sometimes the only way to unburden ourselves of our dreams, thoughts, hopes and wishes is to present it in a way that doesn’t require words. For many people, this is an easier medium for them to explain how they feel.

Some people feel that it would be foolish to call themselves artists and that surely some kind of professional recognition would need to be obtained to say such a thing. However, this is not so as art comes from within and you can’t place a qualification on a person’s feelings expressed through art. It shouldn’t matter if you are good or not because it isn’t about that in the therapeutic sense. If you achieve a sense of accomplishment and feel better then keep doing it for yourself. If you’re work is appreciated by others then you may be asked for an artwork reproduction. For more information, visit

Here are some ideas for to try in order to establish which method works best for you:

Sketching – a simple sketch can help transfer ideas from head to paper and you can carry one wherever you go for those moments of sudden inspiration. Sketching can also be done as an action in itself and there are many who produce beautiful pencil-sketched images just from the things they see around them.

Watercolours – you don’t need years of formal training to give this a go. Watercolour paintings are soft, fluid and gentle. Have a think about what you find beautiful in other watercolour images and try to recreate the same feeling in your piece.


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Collage – this is a truly fun activity and the only limit is your imagination. Finding images from magazines, scraps of material or anything really and arranging/overlapping into any design you can think of is very liberating and also motivational if you are gathering pictures of something you want to achieve for your future.

Oils – these colours really stand out and get noticed.They dissolve into one another and smearing them into creations like sunsets is very satisfying. If getting your hands dirty is what makes your pulse quicken then this is the medium for you.