Fire Up the Radio!

Humans have always been obsessed with fire, from the first time we created the first spark in a cave somewhere to or modern day, fire-prevention technology. Fire has a powerful meaning for us, as a giver of life for providing warmth and the ability to cook food but also as a taker of life, with tragic fire accidents. Whether in its literal or metaphorical sense, here we look at famous songs that have been inspired by fire:

Fire by U2

This song by the Irish rockers was recorded in the Bahamas in 1981 and despite their beautiful, tropical surroundings, this song is pretty pessimistic. It contains a lot of heavy biblical imagery and apocalyptic themes but was the song performed by the band during their first ever appearance on Top of the Pops. Since its release, the band have called it one of their least favourite songs.

Fire Woman by The Cult

The mystery woman in this song is a real femme fatale but the lead singer claims it’s a universal symbol and not a song about someone he knows! Fire Woman was a Number 1 hit in New Zealand and is still used today on the closing credits of the Australian Formula One broadcasts.

Fireproof by One Direction

This track by the lovable lads broke the world record for being the most downloaded free track in history in 2014. The song was taken from their album ‘Four’ and was written by Louis and Liam. It’s a love song with the fireproof image being applied to the person who the singer feels is the only one who can save him. While we use images of fire to represent the heat we feel from love and lust, we mustn’t forget that fire in the real world can be a very real and dangerous threat. For important information on having a Fire risk assessment Gloucester, please visit

Firework by Katy Perry

An incredibly popular and catchy song that revels in our love for bright, firework displays and the excitement and beauty they bring. A positive song of encouragement for everyone to realise their potential and ‘shine’ like a firework! Taken from her third album, Teenage Dream, this is one of her favourite songs to perform.

Girl On Fire by Alicia Keys

A song about unleashing your true self, like a lion from a cage and making those changes to your life that you want to make. The fire imagery is used like the phoenix rising from the flames and signifies rebirth and renewal. Alicia Keys enjoys success across the music genres and this song was the first in five years to be in the top 10 of the R&B/Hip-Hop chart and the Adult Pop Songs chart in the U.S.

I See Fire by Ed Sheeran

You may know this tune from being used as the end credits to the Hobbit, The Desolation of Smaug movie. Sheeran loved the honour of being asked to write a song for the film as The Hobbit was the first ever book he read as a child. It’s his response to the film reflected in the song and he even joked that it’s the first time he’s ever written a song from the perspective of a dwarf!