Gift giving gone wrong

Every year as the festive season approaches we brace ourselves for those gifts that are truly awful but require a great deal of face acting and gratitude. People always think that money in a card or a voucher is a bit of a let down but surely it’s better to let someone choose their own gift rather than foist something on them that will spend the rest of it’s days hidden at the back of a drawer?

What are some of the worst Christmas gifts ever received?

At some point many of us have received Granny’s knitted bundle of love. Whether it be a scarf that touches the floor or a hideous jumper with teddies on it, it was made with love and must be worn as soon as it is unwrapped and for the duration of Granny’s stay. Look on the bright side, at least it will keep you snug. Be sure to check your boiler this winter otherwise Granny might be forced to start knitting jumpers for the whole family! For Boiler installation Woking, visit

Other terrible presents include the very generic sets of smellies and the smelly/handkerchief combo that will spend the next few decades occupying the back of your sock drawer. For men, I guess it would be the packs of socks or a hideous tie for the office that will make it’s way to the draw of abandoned ties that resemble a nest of sorrowful snakes.

Some strange gifts that have been received by people include socks that can be warmed up by batteries, used cowboy boots complete with dust and a toilet seat! Here are some other real clangers:

  • A worn, stained sweater
  • A donation in your name to a cause you don’t support
  • Your own Christmas gift from the year before!
  • A subscription to a weight loss programme
  • An iron and ironing board
  • One slipper
  • A book of etiquette from your Mother-in-law.
  • A doorknob

Some other truly awful gifts that are being sold at the moment include the following:

  • Microphone Tongs
  • Mustache for your dog
  • Benedictaphone – a voice recorder shaped like the Pope’s head
  • A book on how to avoid huge ships
  • Bed bug stuffed animal


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There must be some kind of contest in who can find the most weird and wonderful gift and maybe this could become a tradition for us grown ups as surely some of the above suggestions must be better than a boring box of soap.