Grown up playtime

Any relationship deserves more enjoyable sex. You don’t have to recreate 50 shades of Grey to spice things up in the bedroom and don’t have to think that there must be something wrong either. Even perfectly healthy and fun sex in relationships can be made more enjoyable by the use of adult sex toys. They say variety is the spice of life and so why not have a look online to see if anything tickles your fancy?

Sex doesn’t have to become routine and introducing toys can make sex more playful again. Make it something that you research together and discuss openly that sex toys don’t mean that you of you one is not fulfilling the other, it’s just fun to play sometimes. Not everything in adult life has to be serious and sensible.

Sex toys can enhance a relationship and while some men may feel inadequate if their partner suggests it, many men will see it as an opportunity to relax and not feel so much pressure to get it right. So many women have confidence issues when it comes to their bodies and it’s not always easy for them to relax and reach orgasm. Sex toys can help with these intimacy issues and if introduced slowly and gently, may benefit both partners immensely in the long term.

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Great sex can improve health and wellbeing because it lifts your mood and makes you feel good physically with the ‘feel good factor’ that is released during an orgasm. Using a sex toy is also a big benefit for couples who, for whatever reason, cannot engage in penetrative sex. Physical or emotional problems may prevent a full sexual relationship and this is where toys can help.

It is highly unlikely that sex toys will negatively affect your normal sex life. When used in a relationship, they will allow you to express yourself sexually and stimulate your partner. They are a fun addition and not a replacement for the human touch. It’s nothing to feel embarrassed about either as a recent survey showed nearly 60% of women owned a sex toy and 75% of those were married women. These toys will enhance sexual pleasure for both people involved. For a wide range of Online Sex toys, visit

Sex shops don’t have the same seedy connotations that they had years ago and there are in fact some very tasteful ones that look more like luxury boutiques. However, if you don’t fancy people in the queue behind you taking a peep at your new purchase then the internet provides a perfect way to order toys discreetly.¬† Why not spend a fun evening, with your partner, looking through the goodies on offer and making sure you find something that is just right for your needs and of a high quality. You don’t even need to worry about the parcel being in a huge phallic shape wrapped in brown paper as the companies that sell sex toys will post items out with the utmost discretion.