How does deep cleaning differ from regular cleaning?

It’s not something that anyone particularly likes doing, but cleaning is essential not only for a happy, clean home but for our health and wellbeing, too. Sometimes a deep clean is needed. What is the difference between a deep clean and regular cleaning? Let’s take a look.

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Regular cleaning

In a nutshell, regular cleaning encompasses the small tasks that we do every day to maintain a level of cleanliness within our homes. This can include general tidying, hoovering, wiping down surfaces, mopping and cleaning the bathroom. It’s the things that we sometimes don’t even think twice about, the regular cleaning that fits into a routine to keep the house generally clean and tidy from day to day.

Deep cleaning

This type of cleaning is much more vigorous and often includes hidden areas or places that are hard to reach. This can include bathroom scale removal, grime cleanup from behind appliances, and washing the blinds and inside window frames and doors. They aren’t jobs that are done on a regular basis and are instead usually done every few weeks or months. They can often take much longer to clean and end up being bigger jobs the longer you leave it.

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Where to start

Most people can handle their regular cleaning without any help, but some prefer to bring in the professionals for the tasks that would be considered to be deep cleaning. This can include landlords who want a property spotless before a new tenant moves in, someone with limited mobility or maybe someone who spends a lot of time at work and doesn’t have enough time to get the big jobs done. If for whatever reason you need a little help, contract cleaning in Belfast can be found easily once you know what to look for. Websites like include testimonials from past clients, which gives you a good idea of their productiveness and reliability.

Clean workplace

Of course, it’s not just our homes that need a good clean. Workplaces often employ cleaning companies to keep the place spick and span. Even the Belfast Laganside Court needed help recently after an infestation of lice.

If you do need a little help with your cleaning, whether the job is big or small, do your research and compare quotes and reviews for a reliable deal.