How Social Media Web Design Can Enhance Revenue

Conversation, inspiration and recommendations are all regularly found in the news feeds of our favourite social media platforms, whether that be through browsing pictures on Instagram or reading funny Tweets. But we don’t so often think of finding these things on a website representing one brand or organisation, which is where many websites have been missing a design trick.

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By taking some lessons from social media, websites can be designed to become more interactive, generate a feeling of community togetherness and improve performance results, including increasing revenue.

Sujain Thomas believes that social media web design should be another string to your digital marketing bow, working alongside the likes of search engine optimisation and email marketing to attract people to your website and keep them coming back again.

Attractive Interactive

Increase the interactive functionality on your website by allowing space for comments and reviews and pulling in images of products being used by real customers who have shared on Instagram.

Experts in Yorkshire Web Design such as Yorkshire Web Designer Etempa offer a personalised consultancy to help you take advantage of the trend for social media web design.

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Converting Perspectives

Websites featuring social media have increased likelihood of conversions, because people are increasingly expecting to search for and find what they are looking for through images. They prefer to look at pictures taken for social media by real customers, finding them more inspiring and helpful at enabling them to picture how they could fit that product into their own lifestyle.

Another way that social media should influence your website design is by considering what you can do to encourage visitors to share your web pages and content to their friends via their favourite social media channels. Experts in Yorkshire Web Design can help you ensure that images you use are a strong representation and attractive enough to make people click and come to your website to find out more.

There are many beneficial results to social media web design, including potentially improving the ranking of your website in the eyes of Google. If your content is being found by more people because your visitors are sharing content with their friends, who are then engaging with it as new customers, you will see an increased likelihood that your website would rank higher on search engine results pages.