How to Access Hidden Netflix Codes

One of the best things about Netflix is the amount of content it’s got. And one of the worst things about Netflix is the amount of content it’s got. It’s great because whatever genre you want to watch, there’s lots of programming. It’s bad because it’s really hard to find what you want.

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The whole thing is made more complicated by the fact that when you’re searching Netflix, looking for a programme you’ve heard about, you may not be able to find it for the simple reason that Netflix isn’t showing you all the content it’s got.

Exploring Netflix by Sub-Category

However, don’t despair – there’s a way to fix all these problems, as the Daily Mirror recently reported.

If you know what genre – category – you want to explore, you will find that there’s a simple way to access it. Every category has a number, and when you access Netflix via a link, you can just change the number at the end of the link to access different categories of content. This is a much quicker way to find what you’re looking for. And the list of number codes to identify each category is much more specific.

So, for example, instead of having to start your search with “Drama” or “Sci-Fi” and then try to find what you want in that category, you can browse through the codes to find really specific subcategories. Say you’re interested in “Alien Sci-Fi”. No problem – type 3327 at the end of the Netflix link where the hashes are:

Where to Find the Detailed Category Numbers

Obviously, the next thing you need to know is where to find the list of numbers. The website Mashable has a good listing here:

There are thousands of sub-categories that Netflix uses to present relevant content to its subscribers. However – and there’s always a catch – these codes don’t work everywhere. There’s a dependency on the IP address of your device and your location. You may be able to resolve the problem by tweaking your cable TV aerial installation, but you’ll need an installer who knows about Netflix for your Calne TV aerial installation, such as

Once you’re able to access sub-categories directly, you’ll be able to find the content you like much more quickly.