How to Babyproof Your Living Room

Regardless of whether you purchase your home or find a rental property through Letting Agents Cheltenham such as the living room is often one of the rooms in the home where we spend the most time as a family. Whether we’re snuggled up on the sofa watching TV, playing games or simply chatting, the living room is where much of our leisure time is spent. Having a baby can change the way you view your living room, and it may suddenly go from a safe, peaceful sanctuary to a potential disaster zone, with sharp edges here and tripping hazards there. There are a few simple ways in which you can begin to babyproof your living room.

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Place Heavy, Hard or Sharp Objects out of Reach

Work out the maximum height your baby can reach, and ensure there’s nothing below this height that could cause injury if dropped, knocked over or handled. Place any heavy items out of reach on high shelves – and ensure any furniture is secured. Tall items such as bookcases should be fastened to the wall anyway, and most manufacturers will provide instructions on how to do this when you purchase furniture. It is important to also consider using safety doors and catches that can help prevent your young children from being able to access areas that may contain items that could cause them harm.

Babyproof Flooring

Many families are now replacing carpet with alternatives such as laminates, hardwood or engineered wood flooring.

Engineered wood flooring is a popular choice in homes with young children, as it enables homeowners to achieve the look and feel of real wood without the expense and maintenance issues. It is also a very stable flooring and is great for anyone who suffers with allergies to pollen or dust.

HGTV recommends placing rugs over hard flooring in order to create a soft playing area for babies and young children. In addition, a rug is generally easier to clean than an entire carpet, meaning you don’t need to worry so much about spills or accidents – especially if you choose a family-friendly rug that’s easy to clean and is fairly stain-resistant. It’s vital, of course, to use a non-slip rug or a non-slip underlay to secure your rug.

And remember to provide an alternative to your coffee table, as this is out of bounds for glasses and hot drinks for the foreseeable future!