How to Kill the Wolves at the Door: Raising Money for Household Expenses

Sometimes, there is not just a rainy day, it pours! Unforeseen financial problems can obliterate even the most well-planned budget, leaving a household wondering how they are going to stretch their dollars far enough to buy groceries, pay the cable bill and fix the lawn mower. 

Four Ways to Have More Money

Although managing a household budget can be overwhelming, there are basically only three major ways to increase cash flow, or the amount available to pay household expenses, according to U.S. News and Money.These include working extra hours, spending less on non-essentials and selling assets.

Take Inventory 

How to Kill the Wolves at the Door

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Look around your house for extra items you thought you would love but never actually use. Find that old pair of ice skates you have used once. Do you really need eight television sets? Remember when you bought that shiny new coffee maker and abandoned your perfectly functional last year’s model in the garage, feeling rejected and unloved? Do you have a second or even third car that is just collecting dust in your garage, or worse yet, parked on the street exposed to the elements?

Sell, Sell, Sell!

Small items, such as extra toasters, ice skates and spare radios can be sold quickly and easily on Ebay or another online auctioneer, according to the website Seller Active. Take clear pictures, describe the item fully and in an upfront way, bite the bullet and let go. It’s only stuff. It didn’t bring you any happiness and you will never miss it!

Have bigger items? Consider an online classified listing such as craigslist or shpock, that serve local areas. Listing is easy with helpful clear instructions. The volume of online classified advertisements such as these make sure enough people will see your item to move it quickly. 

Get a Part-Time Job

Consider giving up every Saturday morning for a few months to get out of the hole. Working at local coffee shops, restaurants or creating and selling your own product may actually provide stress relief as well as some added cash in your pocket. Doing something new may get you out of the house for a while and give a sense of working toward digging out of financial difficulties, rather than avoiding or running away from the problem.

Complete a Budget Overhaul

Go through your budget again, circling any items that aren’t absolutely necessary. Your top priorities are keeping food on the table, a roof over your head and keeping the lights, heat and air conditioning on. All other expenses are on the table. This means: do not go out to restaurants at all, unless, of course you are picking up a few extra hours of work there; cut cable, as you don’t need it and it never killed anyone not to have cable; and buy basic Internet, since most of us don’t need the high speed connection anyway. Do not spend money on hobbies or entertainment because there are plenty of fun, free things to do, such as going for a walk, reading books and talking with others.

Invest in Renewable energy

If you are lucky enough to own your own home why not consider acquiring Solar panels to help reduce your bills.  Solar panels Northern Ireland supplier can provide and fit panels to reduce your tariff rate and therefore pay less on your monthly utility bills.  There are lots of grants available to and some are and have been government backed so it’s worth looking into that too.