How to pose for photos

Photographers don’t always get to work with models. Most people hiring a Cheltenham Photographer are normal people celebrating special occasions. So, how do the photographers make them look their very best? Here are some of the methods that can be used to ensure subjects always look glam in their images:

  1. Work with the hair

People might not think there is much that can be done with hair, but there is. Bad hair can ruin a photo, and everyone looks different, so what can a photographer do? Rule one is that hair sitting on the shoulders looks bad. Working with people with long hair, it always looks better if it’s behind the shoulders, in front of the shoulders, all to one side or put up.

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  1. Lift the chin

When we stand in a relaxed manner, no matter how slim we might be, there is always a little flab under the chin. Lifting the chin slightly will help avoid this unfortunate look. The simple fact is that the natural stance is not particularly photogenic. It might feel a little uncomfortable or unnatural, but the results speak for themselves. Find a professional Cheltenham Photographer for your special occasion.

  1. Lift the arm

Asking someone to pose for a photo, they will always stand with their arms flat at their sides. Firstly, this looks awkward with their arms pressed against their torso, plus it makes the arm look larger. Correct this by having the person raise their arm in a different position, like a hand on a hip for example.

  1. Leave some waist space

We all want to look as slim as possible and photographers can help their subjects by leaving a visual space around the waist. A hand on a hip provides a good example. Any pose that doesn’t add additional bulk to the torso area is advisable. It’s not just arms that can make mid-sections look bulkier. Anything in the background can cause the same effect, such as trees, buildings and other people.

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  1. Turn the shoulders

A simple but highly effective method is to turn the body slightly and not face the camera head-on. A slight turn shows a slimmer profile and makes people look slightly smaller. This is ideal for portraits and fashion shots. The person should still face the camera but turn their body slightly away. Obviously, for shoots involving business leaders and sportspeople, looking bigger might be more preferable.